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A Manifesto for Life

The Polarity Paradox

Conscious Capitalism


“Adam Hall communicates a powerful dynamic of understanding of our crises and vital insights on the way we can make it through together. He demonstrates what he says in his life and work. A most inspiring speaker and leader of the movement for positive change. – Barbara Marx Hubbard

“It has been a divine pleasure interviewing Adam Hall during radio interviews; but I must say that with each page of his truly transformational work The Earth Keeper, he has proven to be one of the great voices of our time.”– Danielle Lin ~ The Danielle Lin Show:
The Art and Science of Living

“There are many guides and resources to assist those who are now stepping onto the path. Adam is  such a guide, and a brilliant one !”– Alberto Villoldo, PhD

The Author, Speaker and CEO

Adam C. Hall – Founding Steward
The EarthKeeper Alliance

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Urban Gardens Community

Planting seeds and cultivating potential in budding young leaders.

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The Movement

“We are the ones we have been waiting for” Join us.

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The Book

I invite you on a journey that is both vast in nature and yet as personal as your inner feelings.

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